Wedded Rocks - Special Limited Edition on handmade Washi Paper

50,00 €

Wedded Rocks - 2022
Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Special Edition Print on Handmade Japanese Washi paper (Shiramine Handmade) with deckeled edges
Limited Edition of 50 Prints, signed and numbered on back

This Limited Special Edition is part of an ongoing series of small prints of images from Japan on Handmade Washi paper.

Papersize: 15 cm x 10,5 cm

Printsize: 13,5 cm x 9 cm

Please note that the paper "Shiramine Handmade" is faithfully handmade by master papermakers using the traditional ‘tamezuki’ sheet-forming method, thus every sheet of paper will look slightly different.

Unframed prints and Books will usually ship within 7 Days.
Framed prints usually ship between 7 and 14 Days

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